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Taking a taxi can be one of the most convenient forms of transportation out there. You call them. They come pick you up. You pay them for their service. Well for those who didn’t already know – you could be that taxi. You could be the one getting paid for that service. There is even an app for it.

Just over five years ago Uber began in San Francisco and has spread across the world. You can hail a cab from your smartphone. Or, you can be hailed as a cab from your smartphone. Just another opportunity to make a little more money on the side.

Before you download the app and gas up, read the fine print. Is your car covered for business use? If so, has that business been incorporated or set up as an LLC? Trish Hedges from Hedges Insurance urges the separation of personal and business insurance.

“If you use your vehicle for any business purposes it’s usually not automatically covered. In my opinion, keeping your Uber-related activities as an extension of your personal auto policy is pretty risky! If/when something goes wrong, you can be sued and held liable … personally liable. If you separate it and make yourself a business, your business absorbs that risk and helps protect your personal assets. Separate personal from business and cover your assets.”

Cover your assets. We’ll refrain from all caps, but this is important. Insurance companies are scurrying to adapt and offer the right kind of coverage. Read the insurance Uber provides on their site. Please check your personal coverage for more information.  But first, call Hedges and ask questions. Learn how to protect yourself, your car, and your passengers.

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